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High-alumina ceramic fibre blankets interlaced with a flexible nickel-chrome core cable. The size of the blanket should be selected according to the temperature interval and the space to cover. In general, they are suited for work up to 1050ºC. Beyond this temperature, resistors with a specific cable are needed.

Given the flexibility of these resistors, they can be applied to flat or curved surfaces.

They are perfect for preheating and PWHT of pipes or longitudinal and circumference weld beads on containers and a wide range of manufactured components.

Since the design is modular, the heaters can be connected in groups in parallel and, therefore, are suited for accurate temperature control in a wide range of applications.

During preheating, it is common to use heaters with built-in insulation and mechanical protection to protect the resistor from any falling or projected material (fill, base material, etc.) during the welding process.