Intec-Heat is a leading heat treatment company, with over 35 years of experience in refractory curing, preheating, and post weld heat treatment.

Intec-Heat has stayed true to its calling as a services and training company using its own technology. The company stands out for its high productive capacity, highly qualified personnel, and stock of over 150 pieces of heat treatment equipment.

Our main objective is to develop specific and innovative solutions for each client in a safe and fully satisfactory way.

All this places us at the forefront of the sector. We have countless references in Spain and over 100 international projects carried out across the world (Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Taiwan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, UK, Belarus, Ukraine, Portugal, France, Belgium, etc.).


Thanks to tools we have developed ourselves, as well as the latest technological advances in automation and communication, we have access to cutting edge heat treatment technology, including remote control and integration with robot welding.


Our innovation strategy is founded on the principle of creating value for our clients. We develop specific innovative solutions for the evolving needs of each of our projects.

Grupo Aldomer is a holding company that owns several complementary companies involved in offering High Temperature Solutions in the refractory, fire protection, heat treatment, and insulation sectors.

The companies in which Grupo Aldomer has a stake are: Alfran, Alfran USA, Alfran HTR, Alfran México, Alget, Alfran do Brasil, Alfran Saudi Arabia, Intec-Heat, and Alfran Andino.

The products and services offered by Grupo Aldomer are:

  • Installation Engineering and Material Design, Manufacturing, Demolition and Installation of Refractories (Alfran)
  • Passive Fire Protection in Industrial Installations (Alfran)
  • Industrial Insulation (Alfran)
  • Curing of new installations and heat treatment of metal structures (Intec-Heat)
  • Passive fire protection in buildings (Alfran)
  • Grupo Aldomer’s mission is to be the leading industrial high temperature partner.

The vision of our Group encompasses growth, leadership, custom products and services, and continued and global transformation, while creating the best conditions for our workers.

Grupo Aldomer’s strategy can be summarised in its purpose to become an international leader in the sectors in which it participates, thanks to the quality of its products and services and consistent use of cutting-edge technology.