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Refractory dry out is the last and most critical stage in the process of installing materials. The purpose of this process is to remove water in the material in a controlled way.

For curing to be carried out correctly, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s recommended curve, which depends, among other things, on the material and coating, as well as the type of installation and means available for execution.

Even though the curing curve is an essential element, it is not enough, given that conditions during execution tend to be different to the conditions used to calculate the curve. Therefore, it is necessary to perform an on-site control to adapt the theoretical curing curve to the real operating conditions.

INTEC-HEAT has personnel who are qualified to monitor and adapt the process, as well as equipment especially designed for this type of treatment, such as gas or diesel burners, digital recorders, multi-ramp programmers, electrical processing equipment, etc.