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Diversity and Specialisation: Intec Heat’s Sectors of Operation.

At Intec Heat, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve a wide range of industry sectors, each with its unique challenges and requirements. Our experience and expertise allows us to offer tailor-made solutions in each of these fields.

Workshops and Heavy Boilermaking: In the manufacture of large equipment, heat treatment is a critical process. We stand out for our experience and reliability in treatments using portable furnaces or internal combustion, essential in the manufacture of pressure equipment and other large components.

Offshore Sector: The Offshore sector is an area that has become one of the most important for our company due to its complexity and the high quality standards required. Our presence with major offshore structure manufacturers reflects our ability to meet and overcome the unique challenges of this sector.

Oil & Gas: We are a leading refinery heat treatment supplier, specialising in the heat treatment of large equipment such as columns and storage spheres, as well as the drying of refractories in furnaces and other equipment.

Naval: Our reputation in the marine sector is worldwide, with work carried out in prestigious shipyards. We offer fundamental heat treatment services in the construction and repair of large vessels and submarines.

Energy and Renewables: We have extensive experience in the energy sector, especially in biomass and solar thermal plants, and we collaborate in the construction of structures for wind turbines. We adapt to the development of renewable energies, working on projects such as jackets for offshore wind and structures for photovoltaic plants.

Iron and steel: In the iron and steel industry, we provide heat treatment and refractory drying services, working with equipment such as ladles and annealing furnaces.

Aeronautics: This technologically advanced sector requires high-value solutions, where we adapt treatment methods to relieve stresses in parts subjected to high stresses.

Cement: We specialise in the drying of refractory materials in the cement sector, ranging from individual equipment to complete plants, and offer technical assistance during kiln start-up.

At Intec Heat, every industry is a new challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate our versatility and commitment to quality. With a customised approach and advanced technology, we are ready to meet the specific needs of each industry.

Discover Excellence and innovation in every sector with Intec Heat: your trusted partner in thermal engineering and refractory treatments.