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UCI Mobile Hardness Measurement

The quality and safety of welded structures are crucial in a wide variety of industries, from construction and manufacturing to energy and transportation. For this reason, it is essential to have tools that allow measuring the hardness of the welds and ensuring that they meet the necessary quality and safety requirements.

In this sense, weld hardness meters play a fundamental role. In this article, from Intec Heat we explain what weld hardness meters are, how they work, what they are used for and why they are so important in the welding industry

What are weld hardness meters?

It is a device used to measure the hardness of a weld. The hardness of a weld is important as it can provide information about its strength and durability.

The weld hardness meter works by measuring the force needed to penetrate the weld surface with a probe tip. The probe is usually diamond and is designed to penetrate the surface of the weld with a known load.

The measurement is performed on a known scale, such as the Rockwell hardness scale or the Vickers hardness scale. The measurement result is read on the corresponding scale and used to evaluate the quality of the weld.

Weld hardness meters are commonly used in the welding industry and in the manufacture of equipment and structures that require strong and durable welding, such as bridges, buildings, heavy machinery, etc. Measuring weld hardness can help detect defects in the weld and ensure that it meets the required quality and safety requirements.

How does Intec Heat use the weld hardness meter?

In order to provide a better service to its customers, Intec Heat has added to its heat treatment work the subsequent measurement of the hardness of the welds.

We have purchased a SONODUR-3 measuring device that allows us to certify that the hardness of the welded materials is within the tolerance range required in the process.

The meter incorporates an Android operations system and a data export processor via USB WLAN or Bluetooth that allows you to store, identify and access measurement information in a quick and practical way. The system allows each hardness tasting to be saved in perfectly identified individual files. Example Measurement Control Format