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Intec Heat: Preheating for welding

Preheating is a heat treatment that minimizes or eliminates the factors that cause cracking in the weld areas. This type of treatment achieves:

– Prevent the creation of fissures by reducing stresses

– Compensate for high thermal gradients

– Reduce hardening of the weld area

– Reduce porosity in the weld area

– Improve the micro-structure of the heat-affected zone

Intec-Heat provides its customers with different types of PREHEATING:

      A. STATIC

        • Electrical, through resistances

Through the direct application of electrical resistances, at the appropriate distance from the weld, the required temperatures are reached during the process. The flexibility of these elements makes them ideal to adapt to any geometry.

        • By induction

The high-frequency cables wound around the element to be welded generates the excitation of the molecules and the consequent temperature rise. We use the most advanced equipment and water-cooled cables for greater safety during the process.


        • Electrical, through resistances

The use of radiation by employing specific resistances and its placement using suitable supports allows preheating with shells rotating, without any contact occurring. Temperature control is carried out by infrared sensors.

        • By induction

The rolling inductor allows preheating of moving parts. By sensing the movement of the piece, we can carry out automatic disconnections that avoid overheating, in the case of unexpected stops of the welding.